SIA Licence Training

Some advice before looking for sia training.

SIA Security Training - Pre-requisite for Security Industry

Nowadays, working as a security guard, door supervisor (bouncer), or CCTV operator is not that simple. Licences are required to be legally employed in these security trainingpositions. This came about when the Security Industry Authority (SIA) was created, and they were mandated by law to regulate and professionalize the private security industry. In order to ensure that the players in the industry have the necessary qualifications, licensing of security guards, door supervisors and CCTV operators, among others, became the norm. In fact those without the necessary licence may be apprehended. Conviction could mean six months imprisonment plus fine. So in order to avoid these complications, one has to obtain the appropriate licence. And in order to get a licence,SIA security guard training must be successfully completed.

For those who intend to work in the private security industry, particularly the occupations mentioned above, SIA security training is mandatory. This means taking a classroom style course, wherein the basic theoretical approaches and techniques are discussed, and passing the competency exam. Upon doing so, one may immediately apply for a SIA licence.

The SIA security training for security guard, door supervisor, and CCTV operator vary in consideration of the differences in the duties and responsibilities of each. However, those who are interested to take more than one course may do so as this will definitely enhance his/her qualifications and therefore his/her marketability in the private security industry. Of course this will increase the cost of training, but an investment in the appropriate SIA security training will surely result in positive returns. Besides, some security training providers give discounts to those taking more than one course.

To qualify for this type of training, a proof of identity and age is required. The individual will have to be at least eighteen years old to enroll. And to make sure that crooks and ex-crooks do not get to infiltrate the industry, you will have to pass a criminal history check. Also, depending on the intended course, a testament to your mental soundness may be required. Given the very basic nature of these requirements, many are qualified to take security training and eventually engage in a career in the private security industry.

It is important that you get your SIA security training only from accredited training providers. It is only through them that your will be able to obtain the security licence, which you are aspiring for. If for whatever reason you secured your training from a trainer not recognized by SIA or one whose accreditation was revoked, you will not be qualified to obtain your licence. This is an unfortunate waste of time and money. So it is best to get in touch with SIA directly and inquire from them who the accredited training providers are in your area.

Undoubtedly, the licensing arrangement and SIA security training have enhanced the competency and professionalism of security guards, door supervisors, and CCTV operators. And in a way this has brought about an increase in the pay scale in these positions.



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